The Best in the Trenchless Technology Industry

Logiball Inc. was founded in the early 80s by Roger Bissonnette, a civil engineer and trenchless rehabilitation contractor. Mr. Bissonnette was searching for equipment suited for his needs and, after attending various trade shows and consulting specialized magazines, he still had not found what he was looking for. Therefore, he decided to design and build the equipment he required himself.

Since then, the company has grown and developed a top expertise for designing and manufacturing equipment for rehabilitation contractors and utility owners. Equipment such as multi-size inflatable pipe plugs, line acceptance test plugs, flow-through sleeve installers and grouting packers complete our line of high-quality products. Logiball also builds and carries an extensive line of auxiliary equipment to complete its product offer.

Logiball believes in providing fast, accurate service and the best equipment possible to not only its customers, but also to the end users. Our sense of innovation has brought us to design and build equipment prized by trade associations. At Logiball, we do not follow standards, we set them, and we always raise the bar higher.

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