Bendy carriers for 4″ & 6″ lateral lines

The 4″ & 6″ bendy carriers are used to install CIP sectional liners in laterals with elbows.  The bladder area will expand in the radius of the elbow without creating any kinks!  Carriers are offered with the optional capability to insert a 3/8″ O.D. push rod through the carrier thereby pushing the carrier from the nose rather than the back side.  Straight carriers are also available.

The central portion of the rubber sleeve is built to mold the pipe shape.  The liner installed is applied against the pipe wall on its entire length.  The installation result could be wrinkle free if the material used is built for this application.  An eye bolt at each end allows to pull & push the liner in place.





The feed thru push rod option is available for 4″ & 6″ models (push rod not included).  This allows to push the carrier by the nose, making it easier to pass thru the bend, reducing the risk of creating wrinkles while bringing the sleeve in place.

The standard length of 54″ gives a contact length of 48″ with the pipe wall.  Available up to 6.5′ long.

End roller ball available

Bendy Carrier for laterals
Product # Pipe Size Push Rod
Carrier O.D. Lengths Available
4sielbow54 4″ n/a 2 1/4″ 4′ – 6.5′
4sirelbow54 4″ yes 2 1/4″ 4′ – 6.5′
6sielbow54 6″ n/a 2 5/8″ 4′ – 6.5′
6sirelbow54 6″ yes 2 5/8″ 4′ – 6.5′



Result with the Bendy Carrier:

irs elbow liner c

Courtesy of Infrastructure Repair Systems


Semi-rigid hoses and  Safety inflation Systems are available.

Longer carriers are available to install Spot Repairs in straight section of lateral pipes 3″, 4″ & 6″ diameter.