Logiscell (Activated Oakum)


The Logiscell Kit is composed of dry oakum with an hydrophilic polymer solution.  When wet and caulked in a joint or crack, the resin will foam to form a flexible & tight joint.  It reacts with water and becomes a watertight rubberlike non-toxic composite.  The oakum cord gives strength and density to the composite and makes the application of the resin easier.

The kit includes a 1.5 liter bottle of Logiscell and one bag containing a 10′ long cord of dry oakum.

5 gallon pail also available.




1) When mixed with water the resin forms a spongy foam which could expand up to ten times its volume if not restrained. However a non controlled expansion could create a low density foam less watertight and resistant. If the oakum is well inserted and uniform within the area a good density and expansion is obtained to fill the void.

2) After approximately 40 seconds the reinforced foam resin forms a rubbery gasket which becomes hard, watertight and adheres to the surface.

Note: If there is significant flow within the joint or crack, it is preferable to soak the oakum and let it partially react before the insertion in the crack or joint. By holding it tightly within the crack or joint, the resin will not be washed away by the gushing water. This technique can also be used for underwater applications.

Prevent any contact with eyes and skin. Always wear PPE (gloves, goggles disposable suit and mask or respirator depending on the environment). Certain people may be affected by the vapours during the reaction of the resin. To prevent irritation of throat or eyes always ventilate the working area. If it is impossible to ventilate use a mask with appropriate cartridge. Wash hands and face thoroughly after installation .