Multisize High Flow/Low Flow Plug


The active flow is controlled from above ground with the Logiball High Flow/Low Flow Plug.

By maintaining the sewer flow active, under control & at a reasonable level, work can be performed downstream without completely blocking the flow or requiring bypass pumping .  This flow control sewer plug is a great tool for CCTV inspection, reinstatement or cutting & sectional lining crews.

When inflating the plug, the outward bladder expands and seals against the host pipe. A separate air line with controls is used to expand the internal seal, similar to a pneumatic pinch valve, which reduces the amount of flow going through the center of the plug. The operator decides how much flow is allowed to go through the plug by pressurizing or depressurizing the internal seal from the surface never having to enter the manhole. By releasing the pressure in the internal sleeve, flows are allowed to go through the plug, reducing the back pressure applied on the plug prior to deflation of the plug.



Logiball High Flow/Low Flow Plugs
Product # Pipe Size Pipe Plug O.D. Maximum Pipe Bore Max Flow-thru Opening Length Weight
Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches LBS
6-8HF/LF 6-8 5.25 8 2.75 15.5 9
8-10HF/LF 8-10 7.25 10 4.0 15.5 13
12-15HF/LF 12-15 10.5 15 7.0 15.5 22


The Logiball High Flow/Low Flow Plug cannot be used for air testing.


Tech Tips from NASSCO: Pipe Plug Safety


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