2001J Mainline Packers

The 2001J Mainline Packer responds to the highest standards for testing & sealing joints of mainline sewer pipes with chemical grout. A thick cross-biased reinforced SBR rubber sleeve with soft natural rubber over the seating portion is bonded to the stainless steel core. The smooth outer finish reduces the adherence of the grout on the packer.

The 2001 J Mainline Packers come standard with two grout ports and a third port dedicated for the test medium (air/water).packer2001Jspray

Void Pressure Monitoring Systems: Two different void pressure monitoring systems are available to accurately transmit the test & grouting pressures to a gauge read by the camera or through a pressure transducer. The conventional localized sensor is recommended for acrylamide and acrylate grouts. The in-wall water chamber sensor is recommended for stickier grouts such as urethanes and polyurethanes. The 2001J Packer can be ordered with both systems or one of the two as needed by customer.

Dedicated Test Port: By using a dedicated hose from the truck to the packer for the test medium (air/water), tees and check-valves are eliminated and the mixing ratio of the two part grout is kept constant (no flushing of the catalyst when testing).

Three-Function Adjustable Rubber Check-Valve: They are non-dripping when set to open at a pressure of 20 to 35 P.S.I., prevent backflow and provide a good mixing of the two part chemicals through the fan like stream of the opposed & adjacent ports.

The Autotesting Concept: When inflating the 2001J packers, the ends first seal against the pipe wall, while its central portion progressively expands, trapping air and compressing it into the tiny grout mixing chamber. The pressure in the chamber is transmitted through the improved liquid filled sensor and/or the in-wall water chamber sensor to a gauge or transducer at the packer. The operator can tell if a joint is obviously good or not by simply inflating the packer over it. By avoiding time consuming conventional tests, productivity could be increased by as much as 40%.

2001J Mainline Packer in action:



2001J Mainline Packer
Product # For Pipe Size Packer O.D. Recommended Max. Pipe Diameter
inches mm inches mm inches mm
2001J6 6 150 4.625 115 6 150
2001J8 8 200 6.25 156 8 200
2001J9 9 225 7.25 181 9 22
2001J10 10 250 8.5 213 10 250
2001J12 12 300 10.5 263 12 300
2001J15 15 375 12 300 15 375
2001J18 18 450 15 375 18 450
2001J20-21 20-21 500-525 17 425 21 525


Logiball 2001JS Approximate Void Volumes

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