Dye Tablets

200 tablets per bottle

The Bright dyes tablets are used to:

  • detect leaks in sewage systems
  • trace water & industrial effluents
  • trace cross connection systems
  • measure power plant discharge
  • detect toilet tank leaks
  • detect illegal sewer connections
  • monitor flow studies and mapping
  • analyse septic systems.

Easy to use.

One tablet for 227 liters of water (60 US gallons)
Dissolves in 5-8 minutes

Available in yellow/green, red or blue.


Color Application Strong Visual (1 ppm)
Florescent yellow/green Greater apparent contrast, quick to dissolve 1 tablet-227 liters
Blue Storm & sewer drain 1 tablet- 227 liters
Red Cooling & plumbling system 1 tablet- 227 liters