Our commitment to safety

The use of the appropriate pneumatic plugs or stoppers is recognized as the safest way to control the flow in gravity sewer lines or perform tests in conduits. Unlike mechanical plugs, they can be positioned and inflated from a safe distance. However, everybody must be aware that there are always potential dangers in plugging live conduits or performing tests, especially air tests, even when using the best inflatable plugs.

We try to lessen the risks by manufacturing stronger and safer plugs, keeping a severe quality control, providing with every Securimax inflatable pipe plug sold, its own information leaflet, a kind of logbook which describes the features of the plug , explains how to maintain it and use it safely and also provides a form to record the periodic inspections and tests.


  • Never let anybody unaware of security instructions use pneumatic plugs.
  • Never enter a confined space without verifying for harmful gases. The plugging of a live conduit may cause gas formation and accumulation.
  • Control the inflation pressure and the back pressure. Always inflate the pipe plug from a safe distance using an extension hose fitted with a pressure gauge, a pressure regulator, a preset safety valve and a shut-off valve.
  • Do not rely on friction to withstand a back pressure when important material damages and people’s safety are at stake. Always secure the plug.
  • Never stand close to an inflated plug without the protection of a bulkhead designed to guarantee the security in the event of a failure or dislodgment of the plug.
  • Test the plug, the inflation hose and the controls before each use and keep a record of the tests.
  • Refer to the pipe plug information leaflet to supplement this safety measures list.