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Register now for this informative webinar focused on the clogging of municipal sewer systems. This event includes our own Marc Anctil as a trainer.

This training aims to introduce participants to new high-performance scientific avenues, transport technologies and rules for carrying out work to clog sewer networks.

Lasting 4 hours, participants will learn the “  fundamentals of municipal sewer sealing    unmatched in the sewer and trenchless technology industry.


Target audience
This training is recommended for design engineers, municipal workers and trade contractors.


General objectives
Benefits of plugging municipal sewer systems include long-lasting solutions to control seepage/catchments, stabilize sewer trench to mitigate structural degradation, reduce flow to sewage treatment plant to increase capacity and reduce costs for municipalities. 


Specific objectives
This course will review the history, causes, rehabilitation goals, technologies and possible grouting techniques for applications in municipal infrastructure, such as water mains, manholes, connections and connections. of connections.



  • Introduction
  • Module 1: History of sewers
  • Module 2: Consequences of infiltration
  • Module 3: Test, seal and validate
  • Module 4: How Acrylamide Works
  • Module 5: Acrylamide Use Around the World
  • Module 6: Injection / sealing truck
  • Module 7: Process for sealing joints
  • Module 8: Details of gasket injection sleeves (Packers)
  • Module 9: Process for Sealing Branches from the Water Main
  • Module 10: Details of Side Packers
  • Module 11: Complementary Technologies
  • Module 12: Manhole Sealing Techniques
  • Module 13: Mixing Chemicals
  • Module 14: Gel Strength
  • Module 15: Chemical Safety
  • Module 16: Specifications and Standards


Learn more and register here

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