Trust the Process. LOGIBALL solves Problems.

All my life, I’ve studied the notion of why people buy from whom. Yes, there’s logic involved, but far more emotion than most are willing to admit.  Example:  is quality really a benchmark for an apple-to-apple comparison? Benchmarks used are often more emotional than logical. How about service? Everyone believes their service is better than others. OK—how about price? Cost is comparable, but seldom is low cost the best option.

At Logiball, we think process is most important. You have a problem to solve. Logiball has “off-the-shelve” solutions for managing flow with inflatable pipe plugs, hybrid solutions with minor customization, or “engineer-from-scratch” solutions as your circumstances are one-of-a-kind.

Process at Logiball is simple: Listen, Understand, Innovate.

A more complex view: Listen well. Understand thoroughly.  Innovate like no other.

Over time, you’ll hear more from me on this topic as process is the product.



Posted by: Kevin Anthony
Written by: Marc Anctil
Date: 02/11/2021

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