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Sleeve Installers for Cipp Spot Repair

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Sleeve Installers for Cipp Spot Repair

Logiball Sleeve Installers for CIPP Spot Repair are used by most contractors for their cured in place point repair systems in sewer lines. Logiball Sleeve Installers are the best choice for a safe and easy-to-use inflatable carrier. Sleeve Installers are available in length up to 50 feet for 3” through 36” pipes.

Logiball Sleeve Installers (8” and up) are made of a two-ply cross-biased reinforced rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve is secured to the end plate through a series of wedging points for a strong and safe attachment.

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For cured in place point repairs, we recommend a sleeve installer with a rubber contact length of 2 feet longer than the length of the cured in place point repair. Custom made products.

Set of pulling heads or trolleys to pull the sleeve installer is offered separately.

Auxiliary equipment and inflation systems are available.