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Segmental Sewer Air Test Kits

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Segmental Sewer Air Test Kits

Segmental testing is used to identify and pinpoint leaking joints in sewer collection systems. The inflatable plugs are winched in tandem down the line and positioned to straddle the joint or span to be tested. Once the plugs are inflated, a low-pressure air test is performed to verify the integrity of the joint or span and to localize sewer defects.


Lateral connections and lines can also be tested when there is an above ground access for the introduction of an inflatable sewer plug from the cleanout. The mainline plugs are positioned on each side of the lateral connection and the push plug is inserted into the cleanout access isolating the lateral connection and lateral line.


Flexible Push-Type Test Rigs are used to perform low pressure air tests on laterals from an above ground access.


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