USL Ekspan

Leak Detection Equipment

Sewer Dye Tablets for Leak Detection

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Easy to use.

One tablet for 227 liters of water (60 US gallons)

Dissolves in 5-8 minutes

 Available in yellow/green, red or blue.


These bright dye tablets are used to:

  • Detect leaks in sewage systems
  • Trace water and industrial effluents
  • Trace cross connection systems
  • Measure power plant discharge
  • Detect toilet tank leaks
  • Detect illegal sewer connections
  • Monitor flow studies and mapping
  • Analyse septic systems



Available in fluorescent yellow/green, red or blue :


Florescent yellow/green :

Most popular color

Greater apparent contrast in murky brown water

May be used for visual, ultraviolet and fluorometric inspections

Photo degradation takes plase in sunlight within 2-3 days


Blue : 

Storm & sewer drain

Offers excellent contrast in clay pipes when using color cameras

May be used for visual inspections

Generally blue may be more acceptable to public view

Photo degradation starts to take place in 2 to 3 weeks


Red :

Offers greater contrast to heavy concentrations of green algae

May be used for visual, ultraviolet* and fluorometric inspections

Has a higher light fastness than FLT Yellow/Green, taking approximately 5-7 days to fade