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Multisize Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Dual seal inflatable plugs

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Dual Seal Inflatable Plugs

Logiball multisize dual seal inflatable plugs are used to isolate and test annular spaces of dual containment piping systems. The donut shape plugs easily slide between the carrier and containment pipe, making it the fastest and cheapest way to perform low pressure air tests.Once positioned between the pipes, the plugs are inflated, causing the inner wall to press against the outside surface of the carrier pipe. The inflation also causes the outer rubber wall to expand and form a tight seal on the inside wall of the containment pipe. Two flow-thru ports are provided to insert and monitor the test medium (air) in between the two inflated plugs.



The design allows for multiple ranges of annuluses possible in dual containment piping systems. Other sizes are available on demand. Inflation controls and pressure monitoring equipment are available upon request.