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Multisize Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Large Flow-Thru Inflatable Plugs (Type D)

t: 1-418-656-9767

Logiball Type D inflatable sewer plug

Logiball Type D inflatable sewer plugs are a great tool for by-pass pumping and/or flow diversion when performing manhole and invert rehabilitation.

Our Type D pipe plugs feature a double-action bladder:  When inflating the plug, the inner bladder forms a tight seal around the by-pass pipe or the pump suction hose, while the outer bladder completely seals against the pipe wall. This “slip it in and inflate” unique feature will save you both time and effort.

Logiball Type D plugs are available for pipe sizes ranging from 3″ up to 16″ in diameter.

End caps with various connections are available.