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Multisize Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Large Flow-Thru Inflatable Rubber Plugs

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Logiplug inflatable sewer plugs

Logiplug inflatable sewer plugs can be used in a wide variety of applications such as by-pass pumping, flow control and flow diversion. Logiplug pneumatic plugs can be used for completely stopping water flow when the flow-thru is plugged off.

Logiplug rubber plugs are manufactured on lightweight aluminum mandrels. Steel or stainless-steel mandrels are also available upon request. The SBR rubber sleeve is reinforced with two plies of nylon cords for increased durability. Different types of elastomers are available depending on your needs.

All Logiplug inflatable sewer plugs are factory tested, at an inflation pressure corresponding to twice the recommended pressure. Each plug is shipped with an inspection certificate and a safety information leaflet.



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