USL Ekspan

Multisize Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Logiball securimax inflatable pipe plugs

t: 1-418-656-9767

Used for low pressure line acceptance testing, sewer pipe plugging and flow control.

 Our pneumatic plugs can be used for pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 36”.

Three different models are available:

Type A: No flow-thru
Type B: Flow-thru by-pass plug with a 2” hose (½” hose for the 4-8 model)
Type C: Flow-thru by-pass plug with two ½” hoses 

Our sewer plugs are designed to comply with the highest safety standards and include the following features: a two-ply cross-biased reinforced SBR rubber sleeve, anchoring device and end-plate retaining device for maximum strength.

To ensure the quality of our products, every inflatable plug is individually tested under severe pressure. Each Logiball Securimax pipe plug is identified by a unique serial number and comes with a test certificate, a leaflet describing the features of the sewer plug and the information on its safe use. 

All Logiball Securimax plugs can be factory re-sleeved if necessary. Please contact our customer service.