USL Ekspan

Test and Seal Packers

Collapsible Mainline Sewer Packers for Injection Grouting

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Collapsible Mainline Packers are used for testing and sealing pipe joints 24″ and up.

These injection grout packers can be dismantled for insertion through openings as small as 21” in diameter and then re-assembled. A soft, natural rubber sleeve is secured to the supporting shell, covering the two end bladders, to ensure a superior seating against rough surfaces. 

These large diameter test and seal injection packers are equipped with large wheels for easy movement through the pipe. For better guidance, an extra set of wheels can be added without requiring any modification to the packer.

A sensitive bladder transmits the chamber pressure through a line to which a gauge or a transducer can be installed. The two chemical ports are protected by large non-clogging adjustable rubber check-valves. They avoid dripping of the chemical grout components and syphoning the tanks while providing added safety against backflow contamination into the hoses.



  • Available up to 144″.  Custom designs for box culverts and other shapes are available.