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Test and Seal Packers

Flexible Push-Type Sewer Packers

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Flexible Push/Pull Type Lateral Packers are used for lateral rehabilitation work, to test and seal lateral lines from an above-ground access or cleanout.

The restricted expansion between the two end bulbs allows the grout to move freely in the void and out through existing pipe defects into the surrounding bedding, leaving only a thin layer of grout in the lateral once the operation is completed. The grouting packer is pushed/pulled in place with a semi-rigid 5 hose assembly. An eyebolt is also provided to pull the packer for long runs or multiple bends. When deflated the packer looks like a 2.75″ lay-flat hose.


The central rubber expansion is restricted to approximately 1/2″ smaller than the nominal pipe size. Lateral packers with 3’0” or 5’0” grout chamber for 4”, 5” or 6” pipes are available. Custom packers can be made for other pipe sizes and other grout chamber lengths. Contact our sales department for more details.


Logiball Flexible Push Packers come with two chemical ports, one test port, one sensor diaphragm and 50 feet of semi-rigid hose assembly.


The preferred grouting technique consists in pushing/pulling the packer to the far end of the lateral and bringing it back in 3 or 5 foot increments, depending on the length of the grout chamber, towards the cleanout. The operator can work the packer in tandem with a mini camera and or mark the hoses.



Segmental testing of laterals is also possible with the Push-Type Test Rig