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Lateral Grouting Plugs

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Lateral Grouting Plugs

Logiball Lateral Grouting Plugs are installed on the lateral packers to test and seal the connection and a predetermined distance into the lateral, from the mainline sewer. The grout is pumped and migrates along the restricted expansion of the lateral plug and seals defects, leaving only a thin layer of grout in the lateral. The lateral grouting plugs can be changed on-site in just a few minutes.


Lateral grouting plugs come in different lengths, in one-foot increments, starting at 2 feet up to 30 feet, for 4″, 5″ or 6″ diameter laterals.


Flexible Housing Extensions are necessary for most lateral grouting plugs. These extensions provide a storage area for the inversion and complete retraction of the lateral grouting plug within the mainline packer. The minimum length of the Flexible Housing Extension is determined by the length of the lateral grouting plug used.



  • To choose the proper lateral grouting plug, use these formulas:
  • 4″ diameter lateral: DL = GD desired x 1.15 + 14″
  • 5″ diameter lateral: DL = GD desired x 1.20 + 14″
  • 6″ diameter lateral: DL = GD desired x 1.23 + 14″
  • The use of a 3-6 A Logiball pneumatic plug facilitates the strapping of the lateral plug onto the screw-type adaptor.