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Test and Seal Packers

Man Entry Lateral Packer for 36’’ Mainlines & Up

t: 1-418-656-9767

The packer seen here is for 36`` mainlines. The  assembly can be rolled in the pipe and is  composed of a jacking post, curved stainless  steel plate with closed cell rubber foam, two  grout ports, one liquid filled sensor line, and a  threaded orifice to install lateral groutingplugs.  Pillow bearings allow the jacking post to be  rotated cw & ccw, in order for the lateralplug to  be physically inserted into the lateral and  inflated. A hydraulic ram can be used to press  the plate against the inside surface of the  mainline pipe. The tap is then isolated fromthe  pipe and the lateral connection can be injected.

For more information or custom made  configurations and larger sizes pleasecontact Logiball Inc.