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Test and Seal Packers

Test & Seal Packers for egg-shaped pipes

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Test & Seal Packers for egg-shaped pipes

More work is being performed on lateral connections than ever before, whether it be grouting or lining. In some cases, lateral connection lining requires stopping the infiltration prior to performing the lining work. Chemical grouting is easy with the lateral connection sealing kit which includes a push grout packer and a special flow-thru plug.


With an above ground access and standard manhole, it is possible to position a special flow thru plug that will straddle the connection and insert a special push grout packer from the cleanout. By inflating the plug and packer, the connection is isolated from the rest of the system. Chemical grout can be pumped and the service connection sealed from infiltration.



  • The portable grouting kit is the ideal system for the 1:1 low viscosity solution grout.
  • Contact us with your application and requirements.